250ml Neroli & Lavender Shea Body Butter

250ml Neroli & Lavender Shea Body Butter


Body butter with Neroli and lavender essential oils, and pure unrefined Shea butter. Also with cocoa butter, vitamin E, sunflower and coconut oils, and corn starch.

Intensive therapy for very dry, dry, damaged, normal, sensitive and mature skin.
Multi use product for use on body, face, hands, feet and for moisturising, massaging and shaving.
250 ml large tub to last and last. A little goes a long way!


This luxurious, gorgeous body butter is creamy and a truly lovely product. It provides long lasting hydration and makes skin amazingly smooth. It is made with 50% natural organic Shea butter, one of nature's best emollients, for maximum healing and moisturising.

Other key ingredients include: cocoa butter to soften and enrich your skin as well as help with blemishes; coconut oil to smooth, nourish and add a warm glow to your skin; sunflower oil, which is rich in omegas to help keep your skin supple, elastic and healthy; vitamin E to help preserve the youth of your skin and prevent premature ageing, and corn starch for a silky touch. 

This body butter has been infused with the floral and relaxing scents of Neroli and lavender, and is attractively presented. It is hand made, not tested on animals, and vegan.

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