250ml Lavender infused Sheaqueous Cream with Organic Shea...

250ml Lavender infused Sheaqueous Cream with Organic Shea Butter

What is Lavender Infused Sheaqueous Natural Cream?


Lavender Infused Sheaqueous Natural cream is best for dry skin.It helps to moisturise, soothe, protect and maintain your skin in Good condition. Made from naturally emollient oils found in nature, with pure unrefined organic shea butter at the heart of this rich formulation, sheaqueous cream is ideal for the whole family, from babies to adults and elderly users. Many customers have loved our moisturising aqueous cream for years and seen tremendously positive results. We decided it was time to pack the cream even fuller with goodness.

The recent revised formulation Sheaqueous is even richer, creamier and more nourishing than before. It has no added Fragrance and It is vegan. It is not tested on animal but on our human volunteers.

What people are saying..

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Lovely Lavender Infused Sheaqueous Cream

Posted by Amanda on 14th Mar 2020 

This cream has a lovely subtle Lavender fragrance not too overpowering. I have seen a huge improvement to my very dry skin area after using this product for a few months. It works for me!

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Lavender Infused Sheaqueous Cream

Posted by Amanda on 12th Dec 2019 

I absolutely love this superb quality cream, infused with Lavender it smells amazing. My skin feels so much softer after using this product and extremely dry patches have improved greatly.

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Sheaqueous body cream

Posted by Jayrowlene Farrell on 21st Jul 2019 

I purchased this Lavender one to use at night very relaxing and fresh .Moisturises my skin very well use it under my boobs due to sweat rash.That has soothed it and cleared the rash up, will buy the other scented ones soon x

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Lovely product

Posted by Janet Kolver on 31st May 2018 

This aqueous cream is easy to pay and has a lovely lavender scent to it. I particularly wanted an aqueous cream that is natural and contains no 'nasty' ingredients and this cream is natural and goes on and spreads easily. I will definitely being using it daily. Very good value for money.

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Lovely product

Posted by Janet Kolver on 27th May 2018 

A very lovely aqueous cream. Very Moisturising and beautifully scented with lavender. 

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